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Bean Mattson

Bean is a character in the All Grown Up episode "Interview With a Campfire" who later turns out to be a ghost.


It's unknown where Bean was originally from. It is known that Bean was an average kid in the late 1800s who was a part of the Everwood settlers, a group of eight people who were migrating west in search for a better life. One day in 1871, the settlers stopped somewhere in the woods (which would become Camp Everwood years to come) to camp. Some time later, three of the settlers set out on their horse-covered wagon to find food and supply while the other five remain at their camp. However, weeks go by and the three settlers have still not returned. Winter approaches and the remaining settlers continue to wait. Unwilling to leave until their friends were found, they permanently settled in the woods near Pioneer Rock, a massive mountain peak shaped like a man's head. Suddenly, their wagon returns, but there is nothing inside. That winter, the remaining settlers, including Bean, died from the harsh conditions and lack of supply, and ultimately never found their three missing friends.

Haunting Camp EverwoodEdit

Eventually, the woods near Pioneer Rock and Camp Everwood became haunted by Bean's ghost after the death of he and his friends. It's a big possibility that Bean's spirit remained at the camp to continue looking for the missing settlers. 130 years later in 2001, Bean becomes acquainted with Tommy Pickles and his friends, who visit Camp Everwood for the summer. Bean becomes especially good friends with Tommy's little brother Dil. Tommy and his friends (Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi) are told the story about the settlers who went missing and what it has caused since they passed. They all become suspicious of the camp's conditions such as sleeping in freezing cabins (due to Bean's presence at the camp) and encountering a horse-covered wagon similar to the one that settlers used. Inspired to make a scary movie, Tommy decides to solve the mystery of the missing settlers and convince his friends to join him. Bean decides to join them as their guide (believing they could help him find out what happened to his missing friends). Tommy and his friends are then joined by their parents (Stu, Charlotte and Howard) who suddenly disappear after reaching Pioneer Rock. Chuckie discovers a journal in a tree hole that belonged to one of the settlers that disappeared. The last entry is never finished due to the writer freezing in the conditions. Their search leads them to an old underground mine which Chuckie concludes was used during the gold rush and is under the entire forest; also that everyone who disappeared must have simply fell into the mineshaft. The gang find a trapped entrance and unblock it. Inside, they find not only their missing parents, but the remains of the three missing settlers. Bean is happy that he finds his missing friends after all those years. A photo of the settlers slips out of the old journal and when Dil picks it up, he notices that Bean is in the picture also and reveals it to his friends, his brother, and thier parents. Bean's eyes then glow from red to white as he silently exits the cave. They discover that Bean is a ghost. The gang scream in fear that they have been traveling with a ghost and notice that he has vanished. With summer camp over, the gang return home while talking about how their cabin was not freezing this morning, meaning that with the mystery solved, Bean's ghost has finally departed. After watching the footage of their adventure, an unfilmed clip appears on the T.V., with Bean's spirit being under the "zombie " moon. His eyes glow red and tells the viewers: "Don't ever got no brain or nothing". The clip ends with Tommy and friends screaming in fear, shocked at what Bean really is.


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Red eyes. Bean smiles proudly after he found the three missing settlers after all those years and Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Stu, Charlotte, and Howard found out his secret before silently exiting the cave.

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Bean Mattson's secret revealed


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Pretty scary or what? "Don't ever got no brain or nothing."

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